Fenda Introduced New SmartWatch in Taipei

Fenda, one of China's leading wireless solution providers and manufacturer of smart wearable products, announces the introduction of the new Smartwatch on June 4, 2013.

After the announcement of a new wireless audio solution and chipset, IF5110T on May 28, 2013 in Beijing 798 Art Zone, Fenda has integrated its innovative design and technological prowess to an emerging market of wearable electronics and brought us an eye-catching device - Smartwatch. The Smartwatch can connect to your iPhone or Android phone through its internal Bluetooth v4.0 device. The design is professional, fashionable and sporty. It is suitable for work, at home or on the go.

Wearing the Smartwatch, you can connect to your digital life at any time - check incoming calls, messages, contact list, calendar, Email, blog information or control audio steaming.

Fenda cooperated with Transmart Electronics, a subsidiary of E Ink Holdings to design this Smartwatch. E Ink brings its world-class technology - a large 1.73”curved e-paper touch screen enabline user friendly operation and fashionable design. The touch screen gives 180 degree viewing even in sunlight and an extended battery life. For the end user, the touch screen offers intuitive and easy control.

One of the product's unique and impressive features is, the Smartwatch connects with one of the most comprehensive and detailed golf course databases in the world, with a large number of courses viewable on the Smartwatch in full graphic layouts. Record the number of strokes taken, upload scores to the cloud platform of the Golf community, so that you can have a further analysis of both play and conditions, and help you to improve playing skill and share the experience with your partners. If worn during your running or cycling: calorie、mileage, speed and other data will be calculated automatically, the data also can be uploaded to your preferred social networks, for reviewing and sharing your daily sports activity.

E Ink is the world's leading e-Paper display technology provider and panel maker with almost 99% of the global e-reader market share. Kevin Chan, general manager of Transmart Electronics (a subsidiary of E Ink Holdings) said: 1.73 " curved display is tailor made for smartwatch market, it has most of the advantages: best power consumption, best screen resolution, screen always on and readable under sun light, and curved glass technology allows us to bring a much more fashionable style compared with the blocky devices currently in the market.

Fenda CEO, Justin Wang states: "Fenda is very pleased to introduce the new Smartwatch with E Ink. Fenda is in charge of core wireless platform design (hardware and software) and precise manufacturing of this product, which shows the development and manufacturing capability of Fenda in the smart wearable field."

Justin also added: "This Smartwatch can also connect with iPhone. We know any software or hardware products need to have control data connection with iPhone, and should be designed and produced by an Apple MFi 6.0 authorized enterprise. Fenda had already become an Apple MFi 6.0 authorized developer in 2012, while a very limited number of companies have been MFi 6.0 approved so far in Mainland China. This is one of advantages for Fenda Smartwatch comparing to other competition products."

About Fenda Technology Co., Ltd

Fenda Technology is a Chinese leading company with professionalism in wireless technology, electro-acoustic and healthcare products.

Fenda is proud of its global competence in wireless technology, electro-acoustic design, software development and precision production.

In order to satisfy consumer and customer requirements, Fenda is keeping continual innovation, and is devoted to be a leading consumer electronics and vertical integration technology company. Since established in 1993, as a fast growing company with high sense of responsibility, Fenda always helps people to achieve their dream of enjoying the technological innovations.

Fenda is a public company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock Code: 002681.

For further company information, please refer to: www.fenda.com , media contact: young.lihuosheng@fenda.com

About E Ink

E Ink Technology was founded in 1997, was part of the MIT Media Lab (MIT Media Lab), now become the world's leading developer and provider in electronic paper display (EPD) market. E Ink technology is an ideal choice for many consumers and industrial applications, applications ranging from e-books, electronic newspapers, electronic textbooks, watches, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, battery / memory indicator, as well as public information and propaganda signs. Currently, E Ink is the largest supplier of electronic paper in eBook reader market. Transmart electronic is a subsidiary of E Ink holding. Who is committed to wearable electronics displays and other market segment?

For more company information, please refer to: www.eink.com